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Every Weekend at Mukti Mandap (The Oneness Temple)


History has been a witness to many an event and happening which have had a great impact on human life and its evolution. Mankind has witnessed several critical milestones in its timeless journey of growth.

We are in one such important phase of human history, on the brink of witnessing an auspicious happening amidst us. We are on a glorious march towards a collective evolution of human Consciousness and the Mukti Darshans and Deekshas of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan in the Oneness Temple is a critical step in the achievement of this goal for all of us.

The Mukti Darshans and Deekshas


The one and only vision of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan is to liberate man from all forms of human suffering. Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan always believed that the ‘Self’ is the cause of all suffering. The vision of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan to awaken at least 70,000 people by end of year 2012 has already been accomplished.This is achieved by mass Deekshas (transfer of Divine Energies) by Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan in the Hall of Awakening in the Oneness Temple to the seekers present.

The Oneness Blessing / Oneness Deeksha is known to affect the neurobiology of the brain thus facilitating a shift in Consciousness. This shift has far reaching effects, not merely restricted to the realms of the transcendental alone but also the material and psychological dimensions of life. There are numerous experiences of people having shifted from beta to theta as well as delta states of Consciousness in a single episode of receiving of the Oneness Deeksha. What makes this phenomenon even more unique is Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan’s intent. In these Darshans, we expect the participants to experience beautiful states or even be liberated from the suffering (s). In the course of time, these receivers will be affecting the Consciousness of others in their mere Presence.

Significance of the Mukti Mandap (The Oneness Temple)

Mukti Mandap (The Oneness Temple)

The Oneness Temple has the rare distinction of probably being the only one of its’ kind dedicated to the cause of setting man totally and unconditionally free – a state variously described as Mukti, Nirvana, flowering of the heart, total surrender, Kaivalya etc.

The Oneness Temple creates a field of Divine Grace wherein a neuro-biological shift results naturally in every human, ultimately leading to the dissolution of the illusion of separation and an awakening into Oneness. This powerhouse is intended as a transmitter for the entire world, to reach out to every form of life on the planet.

Each floor of the Temple is dedicated to the Four Purusharthas - Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha. The ground floor is for Artha and Kama, the first floor for Dharma and the second floor for Mukti and Moksha. This Mukti hall is open to the public only during the Mukri Darshan of Sri Bhagavan, where He gives Deeksha for Mukti. A minimum of at least 6 Darshans per year facilitates Awakening for most participants, raising their levels of consciousness thus enabling their spiritual growth. As a consequence of these Darshans, participants are enriched with astounding experiences, their relationships are set right, problems are solved and desires fulfilled. There is no cost attached to these Darshans barring the entry fee to the Temple for its sustenance.

Founder Visionaries, Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan

Oneness is a phenomenon sourced in the Divine intent (Sankalpa) of our visionary founders, Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan who are revered as Avatars (Embodiments of the Divine) by millions world over. To alleviate human suffering and awaken humanity to a state of total and unconditional freedom has been their singular passion since the earliest days of their childhood.

People around the physical being of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan experienced them as being very different from other children of their age, characterized by an unparalleled sense of compassion and wisdom and above all an undying passion to bring an end to human suffering in every form.

Their Divya Mangala Darshans (public and private appearances) have been experienced by many as the pinnacle of spiritual events, for in their Divine Physical Presence, a breakthrough in any area of life is inevitable! Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan are loved as friends, parents, spiritual masters and every other conceivable form of relationship by young and old alike, for one feels completely accepted and loved for whatever he/she is in Their Presence. Their Divine Grace is not restricted to Their Physical Presence alone with scores of miracles of every possible kind issuing forth from the Srimurti (Padukas impregnated with their Divine Consciousness). Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan have thus naturally endeared themselves as a personal God for millions of people world over, guiding, loving and protecting innumerable individuals and families every moment who also appear as the immanent in-dweller in the human heart.

Spiritual phenomena are nothing new for mankind that has witnessed several of them in its long history. However, it is noteworthy that we are living in times when a spiritual phenomenon like never before is changing the course of history and the destiny of this planet by the minute. This is the phenomenon of the Oneness Deeksha/Oneness Blessing, the inevitable outcome of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan’s intense passion to transform and guide humanity towards higher states of Consciousness.


07:00am - 08:00amParticipants Gather in 1st Floor of the Temple
08:00am - 10:00amPreparatory Class by the Guide(s), Process including Bhajans, Meditaton, Rituals etc.
10:00am - 10:30amParticipants Gather in 2nd Floor of the Temple
10:30am - 11:00amDarshan and Deeksha of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan
Dates for the Mukti Darshans and Deekshas
1st SundayTamil
2nd SundayTelugu
3rd SundayKannada
4th SundayHindi
5th SundayOriya (if there are 5 Sundays in the month)
Important Numbers
Oneness Temple Helpline +91 8576 276838
Hospitality Helpline +91 9444398413
Chennai Airport Helpline +91 9884756389
Crisis Management +91 9384749787

Mukti Mandap, The Oneness Temple

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