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"When the self is denied of expression, it expresses itself destructively" -Sri BhagavathiBhagavan. Have a Prosperous Day !

Overview of the Teachings of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan

Overview of the Teachings of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan

Through out ages knowledge acquired greater significance. Since knowledge plays an important role in shaping ones character, perceptions ultimately ones experience of reality. Therefore acquiring right knowledge becomes quintessential.

An understanding of the laws that govern our physical universe has lead to the development of science and technology enabling man virtually created heaven on earth.

Our lives too are governed by certain laws of the universe. An understanding of these laws enables us live harmoniously with ourselves, with people around and with nature. These are perennial laws. The Teachings of Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan reveal these laws governing our lives and give the right understanding and application of it.

Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan speak on a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from parenting, marriage to mind and self to Awakening - both Self Realization and God- Realization. Yet another beauty of their 'Teachings' is the marriage between science and spirituality. Sri Bhagavan's 'Teachings' are scientific in temperament appealing to the intellect. And the simplicity of their presentation is laudable. At the same time they bring about a shift in perception and an evolution in consciousness.

While Oneness too has its unique teachings and spiritual practices, Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan emphatically declare, 'Any teaching, including those given by us would remain a teaching unless you have a direct experience, which is possible only through divine intervention!' Thus, the programmes of Oneness are centered on the phenomenon of the Oneness Deeksha/Oneness Blessing, which facilitates this most sought after divine intervention, making every teaching, every spiritual precept he/she has ever followed, into a personal experience.

It is this understanding that sets apart Oneness from many other existing spiritual traditions, which emphasize on intellectual understanding and meditation alone as the path to liberation.

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